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    Turkish Cup Summer

    Manufacturer: Qasemi Hat Shop
    Turkish Cup Summer Pazchh of this cap is made of cotton Aznkh Stylish and convenient, well-dressed people Great sex, good tailoring, style, form another feature of these hats are welcome
    1,000,000 ریال
    i h
    Delivery date: 1-2 days

    Turkish Cup Summer

    This cap is used in the summer Vbharqabl Vkhvsh Bsyarshyk sewing and the shape of the hat to a form that can be used in all its premises

    Products specifications
    PropertyFashionable, تابستانی
    Type of fabricپلی استر+پنبه
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    Patrol cap

    Patrol cap The type of fabric of this hat is made of cotton. The short mask that is suitable for this shape of the hat is stylish and suitable for well-dressed people.
    800,000 ریال