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    (Caps climbing (green olives

    Manufacturer: Qasemi Hat Shop
    (Caps climbing (green olives This hat is made of cotton fabric size 8 cm in size caps and scarves that connects the cap with zip neck, shoulders Taazpsht Mhafzt against sun radiation. This helmet for climbing and hiking long-term tourism Lightweight and long edges to prevent further sun exposure on the face
    1,500,000 ریال
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    Delivery date: 1-2 days

    Caps climbing (green olives)
    This hat is made of cotton and to avoid sweating constantly keeping the environment cool inside the helmet of a fabric is thin

    Products specifications
    Type of fabricCotton
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    (Cap hats mountaineering (Cream

    (Cap hats mountaineering (Cream This hat is made of cotton fabric thickness Manndpyrahn mask this model is 12 cm this model ionizing Azklah a scarf to avoid sunlight to the back of the neck and shoulders is perfect for sunny days and long walks in the sun is Separation of style and functionality with scarves Azklah Nqabdarast
    1,500,000 ریال