Tonak a.s. based in Novy Jicin is one of the world’s largest and most prominent manufacturers of headwear and with over 200 years experience, both in Novy Jicin and Strakonice, coupled with extensive know-how guarantee excellence in product quality. The Company’s offering includes a wide range of millinery products, especially felt hats, hat bodies and knitted headwear, which enables TONAK a.s. to meet any requirements our customers in more than 50 countries worldwide may have.

For all our customers, the trademark of TONAK, the traditional trademark of Hückel, as well as FEZKO and Fezco Quality, seen on our knitted products, are a guarantee of superior quality and stability in the market.

The plant in Novy Jicin specializes in manufacturing woolen and fur felt hat bodies and hats. The exacting production of felt is characterized by a large number of production steps (80 – 150), technological variability and perfect handicraft.

The production of knitted headwear, namely berets, fezzes, hoods, and woolen hats, takes place in the manufacturing facility located in Strakonice, which was formerly known as Fezco’s Headwear Division. In addition, the plant facility specializes in yarn production.

The traditional knitted headwear, mainly made from natural materials like wool and cotton, is currently produced on sophisticated machinery which ensures high quality as well as production flexibility.